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Joshua Beso, R.N. Principle Nursing Officer (PNO) with specialty training in Primary Health Care


Mr. Conard Lordd, Principal Medical Assistant Outpatient Administrator

John Jabaab, Dispensing Technician

Benedicta Tani Alhassa, R.N. Outpatient 

Beatrice Namoaley,  R.N. Midwife Labor and Delivery

Simon Biyo, SRN Staff Nurse

Bob and Jean Young

Jean Young, MD, MPNH, FWACS, FGCPS, Medical Superintendent, is the only MD/Surgeon, serving a population of 120,000.  She carries the workload of three doctors. She requests funds to hire more doctors.

Bob serves as a mechanic, and welder. He does community outreach and works with local pastors.